Guide To Buying A Massage Chair

Massage ChairBefore buying a massage chair, you have to consider some factors. The massage chair buying guide will cover the main factors to consider when choosing a massage chair. You will consider the back massage functions first. Also besides back massage find out what other functions do the chair offer and the kind of adjustment available. You can look into the comfort of the massage chair, the layers of padding and the simplicity of the setting is up to you the buyer to know what is important and what features are worth paying a premium price for.

Massage chair buying tips

The range of motion the massage chair can offer

This is very important because the most beneficial massage functions in the backrest are kneading, rolling and tapping or percussion. You realize most massage chairs offer all these functions. But other high-end massage chairs offer a combination of all these functions and can be applied at the same time. See what adjustment are available in these massage chairs. This is to consider the fact that there are shorter and taller clients. The speed and intense adjustment are also important for a comfortable massage.


As a buyer, you should consider the inflating and deflate air bags. These airbags create the feeling of massage therapist hands applying and releasing pressure on the body. The air massage function is usually found in the high-end massage chair. so do not expect one if you are probably looking a budget chair. The airbags on high-end massage chairs create the feeling of rolling along the muscles depending on the sequence of inflating and deflating of the air bags.


When you buy a massage chair, one of the most oversights in some chairs design is a comfort. Some massage chairs may be designed to give a great massage function, but they do not make great chairs for sitting. A large number of people prefer to use their massage chairs are lounge chairs, and the chair needs to have at least the proper padding to be comfortable. It is important that there are layers of pads that can be removable. This is because removable padding allows you to increase the intensity of a massage or to decrease the intensity by adding more padding to be comfortable.

Extra features are available in the massage chair

Massage chairs are of many different categories. Some provide similar massage functions while others have extra and advanced functions. As a buyer what you check for in a massage chair is these extra features that are not available in other models, brands, or just not typical of any massage chair. This includes seat heaters, built in speakers or speakers hook up option as well as television or radio. Also, check for a chair with a good controller, this can be a display that is easy to read, and the buttons make it easy to use. What they recommend readers to consider is the price, customization, and ergonomic features of a massage chair.