When to Call in a Lawyer After an Accident

Many victims only turn to a lawyer after an accident if there are problems handling the claim. Often then, lawyers only manage to limit the damage. Timely advice from a lawyer, on the other hand, can prevent disadvantages for the person concerned in advance.

The lawyer can point out to you your rights that you had not even thought of. My Tampa Bay attorney has a great balance between a personal and professional approach. This made it easy for me to win my personal injury case.

Who Pays Legal Fees After a Car Accident

personal injury lawTo put it briefly: if you are not to blame, you do not bear any costs after an accident. So if you have been the victim of an accident through no fault of your own, you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible. The liability insurance of the other party in the accident must cover the costs of your traffic lawyer.

Some laws provide that the injured party should be in the same position after the claim has been settled as it was before the accident. The background to this is the creation of a level playing field, as the insurance companies involved are experts in matters of traffic law. You, too, should therefore have adequate legal assistance without incurring any costs.

If the parties involved are partially responsible for the accident, the legal fees will be reimbursed proportionally. Each party reimburses the other for the portion of the legal fees for which it is responsible according to the liability quota.car accident lawyer

For example, if party A is assigned 30% debt and party B 70%, A’s insurance pays 30% of B’s ‚Äč‚Äčlegal fees. B’s insurance, in turn, pays 70% of A’s legal fees. This principle also applies to all other damage costs.

Consult a Lawyer Even After a Culpable Traffic Accident

Even if you were to blame for a traffic accident, a lawyer can help you cut costs. In such cases, it is important to react quickly and not to sign an acknowledgment of guilt on site. After the car accident, contact a lawyer who will deal with the insurance. Maybe you are only partially to blame. In that case, an expert should determine exactly what claims can be made against you.

Legal Protection Insurance Is Worthwhile

After an accident, effective legal defense can be expensive. One should not only think of the legal and court costs, but also possible costs for experts. These can be very high. In some countries, the state treasury only pays them if the proceedings are ended with an acquittal. But even then, the costs are not always covered in full. If the proceedings are discontinued, those affected almost always have to bear their legal fees themselves. It is therefore highly recommended to take out legal protection insurance.