Why Online Driver’s Ed Is Better for Your Teenager

Teenage life must be one of the busiest times in one’s life. School, football practices, picnics with friends, home chores, and other activities fill a teenager’s daily schedule. To create another activity for the day must be challenging. But because you want your teenager to know how to drive to help you with some errand and prepare him to be more independent, you may have to recourse to online driver’s ed than traditional in-person schooling.

Indeed, learning how to drive prepares your teen for many things. But before obtaining a car insurance or adding your teen as a listed operator on your policy, finding the right online driver’s course must be the first thing to do.

Although there is not much difference between online and in-person driver’s course, online driver’s ed is preferred by more parents for their teens because of the following reasons.

Fewer Distractions

When teens learn from home, parents can actually supervise them to ensure they focus on their lessons. In land-based driver’s schools, there may be more distractions as more students in a classroom are taught at the same time.

Less Expensive

Aside from fees collected by land-based driver’s schools, transportation, and food allowance are additional expenses for parents if the school is located far from your home. The fees of online schools are way lower.

Flexible Time

Online driver’s ed allows your teen to study at his own pace. If he is busy with so many things, he can adjust his time. He can have 30 minutes before going to sleep but would mean he will finish his course for a more extended period. In contrast, if he can breeze through and spend more hours, he can finish the syllabus in just a few days.

Can Go Back to Past Lessons

The online driver’s course provides reading materials to students. If your teen did not understand the lesson for the session, he could always reread them to pass written exams.

Free to Choose Driving Instructor

In-person driving schools have licensed driving instructors to teach your teen during the behind-the-wheel portion of the course. When your teen takes online driving lessons, you will be the one to choose from trusted drivers in your community who will act as your teen’s driving instructor during actual driving practices.